No Kid Hungry California: Campaign For Making No Kid Hungry

Hunger problems are the most common problem in our world. Overpopulation in the country and poverty can create this type of situation. It is proven that in many countries, 1 out of 6 children is going through a hunger problem. Now people are facing the effects of the post-pandemic. People lost their jobs, and they don’t have money to feed their families. Recently in California, it was seen that most children are going through hunger problems. Many parents lost their jobs during the pandemic. They don’t have sufficient money to feed their children. In this problem, many NGOs and social organizations came to help. In California, Many NGOs and social organizations started a campaign to feed and help every child. This Champaign is called No kid hungry California.

This Campaign is starting from the pandemic year 2020. In March 2020, they raised almost 10 million dollars to provide daily needs to people. Their other social work is associated with the shelter of homeless people. In California and the other states, they gave many homeless people food and shelter. Their target audience is people who are homeless, rural tribes, people suffering from poverty, etc.

Purpose of “No kid hungry California” Champaign

As mentioned earlier, the main motive of This Campaign is to feed the children. Throughout 2020 they helped millions of people in California. Many social workers joined them in this notable work, with the help of multiple charity organizations. Many people donate money, food, clothes, and other daily needs.

Their main purpose is that no kid has to be hungry. For helping them and successfully running this Champaign threw charity. In that charity, they collect money from every country in the world. No Kid Hungry California is considered the successful Champaign.

List of distribution in California

In many countries, many organizations, and NGOs work for nothing. Their main purpose is to help with everything. In California, they tried to help people in every possible way. These are some of the known sectors they worked in

  • The primary purpose of this Campaign is to feed children. They spend almost 50,000$ on this. They used to carry food from one place to another to help.
  • They spend 25,000$ to maintain good quality school food. The supplements and food to be goods are the main motives.
  • To make the food fresh, they spend 10,000 $. In summers, many meals get wasted due to the weather.
  • Many schools give their students disgusting breakfasts. To change this, they spend 15000$.

Overall, they work in every sector to keep food healthy and fresh for the children. Their works are to be considered the best social work.