Where To Get A Legal Assistance For Immigration Law

The immigration lawyers of the reputable immigration law firm in Toronto, ON represent business and individual clients before dealing with the following:

  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Immigration Courts
  • Federal circuit courts

Issues dealing with emigration, immigration, adjustment of status, green cards, political asylum, visas, and other important naturalization and immigration matters. The immigration laws will regulate who enters the country and how long a person can stay. Additionally, what legal responsibilities and rights noncitizens have while staying in the country.

Immigration lawyers have different specialties and expertise in some fields, such as business immigration, visas, green cards, and the rest mentioned above. Thus, you need to make sure which one you are picking when needing help.

What does the immigration law firm offer?

immigration law course

The immigration law firm has a team of professional immigration lawyers experts in different fields. If you are an alien and facing a problem with your documents and papers that gives you a headache while on your stay, these attorneys can help you legally.

An immigration lawyer provides strategic and pragmatic legal advice regarding immigration law. They are primarily associated with assisting their clients on complex issues, such as settling down as a citizen or dealing with their immigration documents and papers. When speaking of the numbers of lawyers in Toronto, ON, the largest firm is based in the state.

Immigration lawyers will serve as clients’ representatives in administrative courts. They can counsel clients regarding legal rights and obligations related to immigration or among other things.

Dealing with deportation matters

Yes, anyone can be deported even if married to a Canadian. You will be forced to leave the country, not by your husband, but by the federal immigration authorities. These are the legal authorities who can decide to deport someone from the country.

If you are in the country illegally, expect to get deported. It happens when you have expired your visa and entered the country unlawfully. You will be deported regardless of your family tie to a Canadian husband or wife. You will be detained and the ICE would investigate the following:

  • Check on how long you have been in the country
  • Have you unlawfully entered the country
  • Criminal background
  • Family ties to US citizens
  • Green card holder

But, none of these factors can guarantee that you will not be deported if you have a clean history above all. Some other cases would fall from immigration law issues that you need to face, which an immigration lawyer can only help you with. The team of immigration lawyers in the most notable immigration law firm in Toronto, ON can help you out on these legalities.